Growth Groups

We believe that to grow in our relationships with God and each other we should encourage one another throughout the week! Our Growth Groups are where we can explore our faith as part of a small, relaxed gathering in a local home. 

Growth Groups typically work through a Bible passage, in parallel with the Sunday message and enjoy sharing ideas and questions - as well as working out how to apply the teaching into our daily lives ... however challenging that may appear !

Most groups meet weekly, at various times and places across the local area and we'd love to see you join one of our groups. Most groups have a mixed membership although we do have a Women's and a Men's group.

Nigel & Ruth

Nigel & Ruth's group meet on a Wednesday at 8.00pm online.

John & Daphne

John & Daphne's group meet on a Tuesday at 8.00pm in How Wood.

Nigel & Diana

Nigel & Diana's group meet on a Wednesday at 8.00pm in Park Street.


Stephen’s group meets on a Tuesday at 11.00am in Holy Trinity Parish Centre.

Nick and Cherry

Nick & Cherry's group meets on a Wednesday at 8.00 pm in the Vicarage.


Women's Bible Study meets every week on a Friday morning and is a chance for women in the church family to get together to study the Bible, pray for each other and build friendships. There is usually a crèche facility for those with pre-school aged children and it's a great place to build our relationship with God, with each other - and to eat cake! It's usually in the church, but locations can vary.


Our Men's Bible Study group meets twice monthly on a Saturday morning. It's a great time of bleary-eyed breakfasting, sharing and encouraging as we study the Bible and try and apply it to our lives. We meet in the Parish Centre at 8.30am