Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals




Getting married is one of the biggest decisions that you can make in life. Getting married in a church can make that big moment even more special. Since marriage was God’s idea we think it’s great to ask for his help right from the start. A church wedding is a great place to ask for God’s blessing on your marriage. We run marriage preparation course to help you think through and prepare for this life-long commitment.



Jesus encouraged his followers to express their belief in God through baptism. Here at Holy Trinity we celebrate when a person comes to a real personal trust in Jesus, and want to show this through being baptised.

We also take joy when believing parents choose baptism for their children. Children were considered part of God’s people under the old covenant, and had the sign of the covenant. Now the greater light and glory have come in Jesus, the old covenant is gone and a new one has come. The sign for a believer is baptism and also for their children. 


Holy Trinity has been the centre of Frogmore community life for many generations. Many generations of families have been buried here. We understand it is a very difficult time when loved ones are lost, and we can give support and assistance needed to organise a funeral service for them.

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