We believe ...

...that there is new life to be found in Jesus !

What does this mean ?


It basically means living our lives in harmony with God and with each other . In particular:

  • Knowing that the God who created the universe loves and cares for us individually
  • Understanding how to get the best out of our relationships – and what to do when things go wrong
  • Freedom from guilt for all the times we've messed up in our choices
  • We're safe and secure – God doesn’t promise an easy life, but he’s with us every step of the way
  • Confidence that we are loved, forgiven and empowered to change the world ... at least our little corner of it!
  • And that one day, the evils of the world and the struggles of life will be over and we’ll be with him forever

 How can this be ?


You only have to look around at the world to realise it’s not a random act of chance. You also don’t need to read the news for very long to see that the world has gone badly wrong – and quite often it can seem as though our own lives are heading in the wrong direction also.

When God created the earth, he made it perfect, beautiful and peaceful and his pride and joy – humankind – was put at the centre to nourish and nurture it and enjoy friendship with God. However, from very early on, people have ignored God and done their own thing. And people have been doing this ever since – governments, companies, families and friends, you and I.


But the Good News is that it didn’t end there – we may have unfriended God, be he didn’t forget us. God hatched a rescue plan to bring us back to him – we don’t have to struggle on our own any longer; we can be reunited with him. God’s plan involved sending Jesus, his only son, to live on earth two thousand years ago. He shared all our hopes, fears, dreams and struggles (the Middle East back then was no easier than it is now!) but did it in constant harmony with God, his father. Ultimately, he was betrayed by his friends and murdered by the government of the day.

How do we know this ?


The story of God’s relationship with us is written in the Bible. Although it was written over thousands of years, it’s been proved to be historically reliable. Although many people think of it as a set of do’s and don’ts, it is really a love story – the story of God’s love for all people. The Bible tells us about creation, our rejection of him (which it calls ‘sin’) and God’s long, slow plan coming together to rescue us through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Although Jesus isn’t on earth anymore, his power remains through the Holy Spirit who protects and guides us in life.

Is this for me ?

The Bible is clear that God wants everyone to live in harmony with him – but he doesn’t force anyone to; that is why the world’s still not perfect. When we ‘follow Jesus’, we apologise for the mess we’ve made of the past and promise that our futures will be focussed on him. It’s challenging and exhilarating in equal measures but he is with us every day, in everything we do. No matter who we are: young or old; successful or not; religious or otherwise – this is for you.

It’s the very best of news and we love sharing it. We’d love you to find out more at one of our services, events and activities.